The emergency measures of concrete batching plant

  • HM Machinery


The emergency fault of concrete batching plant host leads the production stop. The operator should close the chief power immediately, inform maintenance personnel immediately and report to the competent leadership. The principal of production department is responsible to calculate the repair time after confirmation of the mechanic check fault. If the repair time exceeds two hours, you should immediately notify the pump operating personnel and the principal of building site, and require the pump operator to slow the pumping speed. If necessary, the final tanker from mixing plant needs to the pump on a tube to prevent plugging, pump. If the repair time exceeds four hours, the production manager should immediately contact the other concrete batching plant equipment, and let other concrete mixing plant to produce. What's more, laboratory should do the quality inspection work of concrete very well, and the test block must remain more than four groups.

When the concrete pump is blocked, pipe is exploded and other mechanical faults, the operator of pump truck should notice immediately the production scheduling, and then the production scheduling should immediately stop depart and report to the production manager. The operator of concrete pump truck should actively look for the blocking point, critical point, and he should finish it quickly with the help of the construction site personnel.

The field pumping equipment emergency fault leads the pump can't pump over. Truck driver shall immediately notify the production scheduling, and inform the fault reason. The production scheduling should make reasonable explanations to the principle of construction site, and immediately replace another one concrete pump. If the small concrete batching plantdoesn't have pump, the production manager should rent a pump and send it to the building site.


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